Founded more than 30 years ago by husband and wife team, Stu and Bobbie Mathews, Mathews' Furniture Galleries is a cornerstone of the Southeast's fine furniture and design studio industry. Mathews' specializes in the finest reproductions of 18th-century American, English and French designs plus contemporary lines by top designers.

The Mathews' team provides personal attention to each client, coupled with exceptional customer service and consistently high quality of furniture craftsmanship. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere of the store also sets it apart from other high-end furniture galleries. "We strive to make our studio as welcoming and unintimidating as possible," says Jeff Jarrett. Now run by son Stephen Mathews, Mathews' Furniture Galleries continues to adhere to the highest standards of quality in both product and service. "Our most important goal is that the customer is happy in the end," Stephen says. "We want to provide our clients with pieces they can be proud to hand down to their kids and grandkids someday."